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Continuous geared sleeve with steel covers, basic design
Torque up to 2000 Nm
Bore up to 85 mm

Gear couplings are lubricated type couplings with the highest torque capacity. The Escogear N series couplings basically consist of two hubs with external teeth connected by means of one single internally geared sleeve and sealed by two flanges. This is a limited series as a light version of the Escogear F series couplings accommodating angular and axial misalignments. Where the angular misalignment is determined by the gearing geometry, the axial capacity varies according to the manufacturer and can be great. The Escogear N series couplings are generally made out of carbon steel Ck45 and the flanges of stamped steel.

The Escogear N series offers a one-piece steel sleeve with internal straight teeth and special encapsulated seals, keeping the coupling perfectly tight even at maximum misalignment.



The Escogear N series comprises:

  • Max. bores defined by standardized shaft diameters
  • Reduced external dimensions and weight
  • Easy installation & minimum maintenance requirements
  • Absolute reliability
  • Perfect homokinetic torque transmission

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