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Our maintenance-free cardan shafts can easily bridge large shaft gaps. At the same time, aggregates are protected via the reduction of oscillations and vibrations thanks to the prove­n Tenpu fiber. This shaft system can also be operated at a zero-degree bending angle, which is usually not possible in designs with constant velocity or universal joints.



The flexible drive shaft SGFlex-3FD-CONNECT is characterized by its design and versatility. It combines the advantages of drive shafts with the advantages of flexible couplings, thus providing a vibration-damping alternative to drive shafts with universal joints.


The patented centering system SGFlex-3F-ALIGN combines resilience and flexibiliy of the flex coupling with the support feature of the SGF Alignment Support.

Benefits are
» Lubricant-free
» Maintenance-free
» Easy to install

Thanks to the unique design, this system can be assembled and disassembled simply by removing the bolts without moving parts.

SGFlex flexible disc

Torque is transmitted almost exclusively via the vulcanised-in cord inlays (Tenpu® fiber technology) by the unique SGF tension-force-principle.

The cord inlays serve to damp torque peaks and to absorb start-up impacts. The rubber takes on a supporting and protective function for the cord inlays and serves to isolate noises due to the interruption of the structure-borne noise path.

Flange Variants

The forged steel flanges are made of high quality steel and its versatile design can support all common as well as custom sizes of shaft/hub connection requirements.

Customer specific solutions

In case standard parts cannot be used, our engineering team will be happy to design a unique solution due to your requirements.



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About RSV
Our organization is a specialist in the field of mechanical power transmission coupling, where we have grown steadily over the years and have established our distinct identity for ourselves as a reliable and dependable company providing solution to our customers for their critical couplings applications.

Our motto is to supply quality product to our clients as per their specific requirements and to solve their problems faced in critical applications.

We have a comprehensive inventory of various couplings. We also deal in imported couplings for which we are authorized.