Tyre type coupling with taper bush (UTT/UTTO)

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Utkarsh Tyre type coupling with taper bush (UTT/UTTO)


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A split tyre is attached to two hubs using adaptor plates held together under bolt load. An optimized fiber reinforced tyre increases the torque carrying capacity without sacrificing flexibility. This is an elastomer in shear type coupling. Under extreme overload conditions tyre is torn apart, disconnecting the driving and driven equipment, which would guard them against damage. Tyre type coupling provides highest torsional flexibility and misalignment capability (up to 4° angular). The axial flexibility of the tyre couplings allows it to accommodate a large amount of end float as well. Compact design improves the torque carrying capacity to length ratio. During maintenance tyre can be replaced easily without disturbing the setup. Because there are no rubbing surfaces, dirt or other abrasive materials do not shorten the life of the coupling.



  • High flexibility & highest misalignment tolerances. (Angular – Max.40)
  • Elastomer in shear – In case of failure of Tyre Torque transmission is stopped shears thus protecting the machinery
  • Better protection in impact load & heavy shocks
  • Easy to assemble & disassemble
  • Lubrication free
  • Taper lock gives clamping on shaft total surface
  • Very easy and less down time in maintenance

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