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Form-Flex® couplings transmit torque while compensating for angular, parallel and axial misalignment between two connected shafts. Flexible disc couplings minimize the misalignment forces on the connected equipment.

Form-Flex Couplings Product Features

  • High-strength, flexible, stainless-steel discs are available in three styles: 4-bolt, straight-sided (A, M series); 6-bolt, straight-sided (B Series); and 8-bolt, round (D, F, H series). Alloy discs are also available
  • Transmits torque with zero backlash while compensating for angular and parallel misalignment between two connected shafts
  • Ideal for smooth or uneven conditions and moderate to heavy loads where elastomeric couplings are a typical problem
  • Close-coupled, spacer and floating shaft designs offer total solutions for pumps, engine-driven equipment, printing, and positioning systems.
  • Reduces maintenance time and costs by eliminating lubrication

Product Features

  • Up to 270 kNm; 2,400,000 in.lbs.
  • No maintenance
  • Zero backlash Close couple,spacer and floating shaft designs available
  • Easy interchangeability
  • All metal Construction
  • No Lubrication
  • No Moving Parts
  • Long Life
  • High Torsional Stiffness
  • Precise Positioning – Zero Backlash

Form-Flex® Couplings Product Data

  • Please reference Section F5 of the Flexible Couplings Catalog (P-1690)

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