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Operating principle
The Semiflex coupling is a torsionally stiff and restoring-force-free precision coupling. In addition to the compensation of axial and angular displacements, it provides high radial displacement capacity together with compact design.
The displacement compensation is restoring force-free and takes place via the unique system of two pairs of 90°-offset link rods. The angle synchronisation of the connected shafts is retained at all times.

Standard F Line – combination of performance and compact design
The Standard line combines performance, compact design and great displacement options.
The Standard line includes torsionally stiff couplings in a 50 to 300 mm outer diameter range and a 45 to 14,500 Nm nominal torque range. As all-metal couplings, they offer high torsional stiffness.

Different hub shapes can be combined as required
There are various force-fit and positive-locking hub shapes to choose from. They can be combined as required and thus precisely and individually adapted to the specific requirements.

> Application fields

Semiflex application fields include:

· Packaging machines
· Machine tools
· Conveyor technology
· Coating systems
· Profiling systems
· Automatic assembly machines and much more

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About RSV
Our organization is a specialist in the field of mechanical power transmission coupling, where we have grown steadily over the years and have established our distinct identity for ourselves as a reliable and dependable company providing solution to our customers for their critical couplings applications.

Our motto is to supply quality product to our clients as per their specific requirements and to solve their problems faced in critical applications.

We have a comprehensive inventory of various couplings. We also deal in imported couplings for which we are authorized.